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Fan Khana is interior design and decorating firm located in heart of Kuwait.

We translate our strong brand culture into our client’s dreams, needs and requirements. Decorating and design is our passion and focusing on our clients is our mission. We constantly try to make the world more beautiful, peaceful, and multicolour.
Fan Khana is a team of experienced and goal-oriented professionals supported by high- tech infrastructure.
Our interior design and décor section meets our client’s needs for high-profile and customized interior design projects for restaurants, fashion retails, commercial offices, salons and residential.



Interior Design

FAN KHANA interiors team understands that to achieve a successful interiors project our work must be more than a skillful arrangement of internal building components. We balance programming and budgetary needs with those of function and aesthetics.

Architecture Design

FAN KHANA offers the total architectural design services to respond client’s high demands and the needs of society with our rich experience, trusted design skills and abandon information. We deliver them across our global markets with a consistently high standard of service.

Furniture Design

Great products begin with insights about market opportunities and user needs. As a firm that’s constantly creating and reshaping the built environment, we have a unique viewpoint about the products and materials that form the world around us.